Healthy snacks. Does it always have to be carrot for dougnut?

Everyone knows that the best diet that will help us lose weight and allow to stay fit forever is a diet for life. My question is how is it possible to give up all the tasty snacks forever?  Does it always have to be carrot instead of doughnut? 


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How to satisfy the junk food cravings:


1) Are You a Potato Chip Muncher?

You can not imagine a weekend evening without potatoe chips and your favorite movie? Instead of highly processed, high-calorie chips charged make your own carrot chips. All you need are carrots, tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil, and some spices like salt and pepper. Bake the slices of carrot until the edges of the chips are just starting to turn golden brown. You will get delcious and healthier movie snack! Additionally there are as many as 191 calories in chips ( 1 small bag) comparing to 25 calories in carrot.


2) Are You a Pastry Lover?

Bake your favorite pie, cookies or muffins at home, using wholewheat flour. Always add half less sugar than the recipe says or replace it with honey or natural sweeteners such as agave syrup.

3) Are You a Candy Addict?

 Are candies your quick snack that you can carry in  your bag? Buy your favorite nuts, dried fruits and almonds, instead. They are also very tasty, and they will allow you to feel full for longer.


4) Are You a Soda Addict?

 The idea to replace soft drinks with plain water is not what you are looking for? Put two slices of lemon  and fresh mint to your cup of water. You can also make healthy juices at home. Just blend some fruits until smooth, and pour through a strainer if desired.


5) Are You a fruity Yogurt Lover?

However, the list of ingredients on ready fruity yogurts leaves much to be desired. You can use a plain yogurt, add some fresh or frozen fruit, a tablespoon of honey, and blend all ingredients. This way you can make a delicious, fruity, drinkable and healthy yogurt dessert at the same time.
Healthy menu does not mean the same tastless food again and again. Put some creativity in your kitchen and you will easily forget about previous eating habits.


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