Calorie Calculator

Wondering how to lose weight, how to gain weight, or how to maintain your proper weight while keeping your diet healthy? Our nutrition facts and a variety of products will help you make right food choices and compose healthy meal plan everyday.

Find nutrition facts of different food products and meals.

Calorie counter allows you to check the nutrition data of your chosen dishes, including calories, number of protein, fat  carbohydrates and other nutrients. Knowing nutritional composition of different food products will help you make right food choices, eat healthy every day and lose weight.

Compose your own meal plan and compare products’ nutrition facts.

Calorie Counter allows you to create your own daily meal plan. Each person has a different eating habits, as well as daily calorie requirement depended on age, weight, height and physical activity. That is why many factors affect the success or a failure of the weight loss diets, which should take into account your individual needs and taste.

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