Do you know how many calories your body needs each day?

Basal Metabolic Rate

years old

Total Metabolic Rate

years old

Basal Metabolic Rate result for 25 years old man weighing 89 kg and 177 cm tall:

Below you can find estimated daily calorie requirement for a male weighing 89 kg and measuring 177 cm tall (the Basal Metabolic Rate result does NOT include your everyday activity).

BMR: 1,876 kcal
Weight: 89 kg
Height: 177 cm
Age: 25 years old
Check how does your BMR change:

Basal Metabolic Rate typically comprises from 66 to 75 percent of the daily calorie requirement, because it only takes into account a minimal rate of energy expenditure for basic vital processes in the body at rest.

If you want to find out your daily calorie requirement including your activity level check your Total Metabolic Rate here.

Regular exercise will increase your metabolic rate

If you are not active your body needs 1,876 calories but If you would start:

Balanced diet

Your daily calorie requirement is 1,876 calories. But what's next? How many calories are in certain food? Should you be concerned with nutrition facts? Did you know that certain diet food can help you lose weight? Check our proposal for your daily meal plan.


273 calories

Check out nutrition values and calories for 100 grams of Cheesecake.


Yogurt, vanilla, low fat

85 calories

Check out nutrition values and calories for 100 grams of Yogurt, vanilla, low fat.

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