Calories in 1197 grams of Candy bar (chocolate)

Check how many calories are in 1197 grams of Candy bar (chocolate). Nutrition facts of the Candy bar (chocolate) including amount of calories, as well as number of proteins, fat and carbohydrates will help you determine whether the Candy bar (chocolate) should be a part of your diet.

Calories: 5351
Mass: 1197 grams
Protein: 43 grams
Fat: 194 grams
Saturated_fat: g
Unsaturated_fat: 0 grams
Trans_fat: g
Carbohydrates: 859 grams
Fiber: g
Sugars: g

1197 grams of Candy bar (chocolate) have 5351 calories and its nutritional composition is as follows: 43 grams of protein, 194 grams of fat and 859 grams of carbohydrates. See the visualization below.

Compare which one has fewer calories - Candy bar (chocolate) or Candy bar (Kinder Bueno)?

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